Regional Governor of Attica

President of the Athens Medical Association - AMA

President of the National Hellenic Inter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities

President of the International Centre for Health Tourism - IHTC

President of the Global Doctors' Hippocratic Institute - GDHI

President of the Greek Council of Medical Tourism - ΕLITOUR

A’ Vice-President of the Greek Association of Regions – EN.PE.

George Patoulis was born in Athens on 1961 and both his parents come from the island of Crete. He graduated from the Athens Medical School and he specialized as an orthopedic surgeon in the Laiko Hospital of Athens. He also wrote his Doctoral Thesis on a theme relating to his specialty in Laiko Hospital, where during the years 1995-1997, he was elected as a member of the Board representing the scientific personnel.

He worked as a doctor in Tavros Institution of Social Security and in the one of Marousi-Erythraia. He has also been scientific associate of the Hospital “Errikos Ntynan”, the “Athenian Clinic” and Lykovrysi Open Care Centre for the Elderly.

He has established the Association of Practicing Doctors of Athens and Piraeus, where he served as president between 1995-1998. In parallel, he established the “Young Doctors” Pan-Hellenic Society being the President until 2004 with a rich activity as well as series of visits to the border, insular and mountainous areas of Greece by providing important medical advice and conducting free tests for the residents.

He has specialized in Health Economics (1998-2000) and graduated from the National School of Public Health. He served his term in the army as Officer of the Health Department and in the Presidential Guard.

Since 1996 and until today, he is an elected member of the Athens Medical Association (AMA). In 1999 he was elected Vice-president of the Athens Medical Association where he served until 2002, while in 2003 he was elected as Vice-President of the Administrative Committee of AMA. In 2011 he was elected for the first time President of AMA. a post he holds until today.

In 2003, he establishes the Scientific Organization titled Hellenic Inter-Municipal Network of Health and social solidarity for LRAs to which he has been the President until 2011 and after, serves as elected President of the certified by WHO “Hellenic Inter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities” networking the 228 Municipalities and 2 Regions of Greece with their health structures.

In January 2012 being the President of the Medical Association of Athens, he signed a Memorandum of Association with the Archbishop of Greece Mr. Jerome B’, establishing a unique structure of primary care for all the unemployed and sick citizens, who did not have social security and no access to doctors and medical care. This initiative was established with the NGO of the Holly Athens Archbishopric, the SOCIAL MEDICAL PRACTICE.

He is elected President of the NGO HL7 Greece (the Greek part of the International Organization in the field of Medicine).

He served for 5 years as the President of the Municipal Medical Centre of Pefki (2000 - 2005), being also a volunteer and Vice-President of the Board of the Multi-Clinic of the Olympic Village and of the General Hospital “Asklepion Voulas” while in 2006 he was elected President of the SA Health Structures.

In 2006, he was elected for the first time Mayor of Amaroussion and in the LA Elections in 2019, he was elected regional Governor of Attica with 66%.

In 2017 together with a group of friends-doctors of Hippocrates he established the Global Doctors' Hippocratic Institute - GDHI and in 2018, he was elected President of the Greek Medical Tourism - ELITOUR.

He has a rich publication record.

He is married and has one son.

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