We, the descendant Doctors of Hippocrates, will be guarding the values of the
father of Medicine and will remain loyal to his principals as well as the holistic
therapeutical approach that is the cornerstone of the Hippocratic philosophy.

The necessity of re-harmonizing modern medicine with Hippocratic legacy is
now evident.
We are promoting this principle.
We are serving this principle.
We are transmitting this principle in the whole world.


Principle 1st: To benefit.

With our medical training, as well as the continuous wander and adoption of the updated medical knowledge, we are responsible for the provision of personalized medical services on the basis of the maximum benefit for the patient. In the framework of this approach, our priority lies with the empowerment of the patient. In this direction, we secure the active role of treatment (of any disease).

2nd Principle: Do not harm.

Our concern is that our medical services should be executed with great care and responsibility. At the same time, the exponential progress and the accumulation of medical knowledge and molecular data as well as the technological developments can make the understanding of each illness more comprehensive. Every diagnostical and therapeutic innovation in medicine is applied in our practice on the basis of thorough evaluation and specific training of our personnel.

3rd Principle: Respect the individuality of each person.

Not a single medical act will take place if the patient does not receive extensive and honest information and approval. All information for the progress of the illness and the medical interventions will become known to the patient directly and simply, so as to assist him/her take a sober decision. We are bound to abide strictly to the medical confidentiality and every communication with the patient.

4the Principle: Justice.

Our priority lies with securing the uninterrupted access of our patients to the necessary therapeutic interventions always respecting their personal wishes. Nowadays, that humanity suffers from the continuous financial crisis and the unfamiliar COVID-19 pandemic both threatening to catalyze all health systems, while the pharmaceutical cost increases, we will be fully supporting the individual and public health.

5th Principle: The importance of diet and exercise.

We should introduce and promote the daily exercise and diet on the basis of free and natural ingredients with a balance in tastes. The Hippocratic medicine was the first to emphasize the importance of the effect of environmental factors and the way of life in health. According to the Hippocratic theory of juices, imbalance causes “dyscrasia” meaning the illness, the «constitution» of all the above is necessary for the maintenance of the highest possible level of health and the prevention and healing of illnesses. The western way of living equals the sedentary lifestyle and obesity leading to the development and increase of cardiovascular illness and cancer.

6th Principle: Respect the power of nature and harmonization with the environment.

It is vital to introduce the harmonization with nature. The term “nature” shows the internal power of the body by identifying symbolically the patient with the surrounding natural world. The catastrophe of the natural environment – plague of the modern era – directly and indirectly threatens our health as this was expressed to the famous Hippocratic saying «first and foremost, Nature». Hippocrates was the first one to attribute an important role to the nature and to the patient himself. He also studied in a systematic way to the qualities of about 300 species of plants and he classified accordingly their therapeutic action.

The Hippocratic quite «quite often the best medicine is no medicine» is still so modern in our ages.

7th Principle: Medical practice on the basis of indications

Faithful to the Hippocratic tradition, but holding strictly to the nations of modern science, we guarantee the full and integrated investigation of every clinical condition, before the final therapeutic planning. First, the Hippocratic school has emphasized the importance of the detailed collection of information for the accurate diagnosis and therapeutic strategy. The thorough clinical examination was accompanied by detailed information for the stay, the diet and the customs of the patient and was often repeated until the final “verdict” that is the critical condition of the illness. As original successors, respecting these fundamental values, we aim at the provision of personalized medical accuracy considering the personality of our patients and considering as our ethical obligation the exercise of medicine as a science and office that protect the sacred present of life.

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