The Global Doctors' Hippocratic Institute has created a pool of Physicians who have envisioned the promotion of the legacy of the father of Medical Science, Hippocrates, around the world. These are:

  1.  George Patoulis, Doctor - Orthopedist
  2.  Konstantinos Pantos, Doctor-Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  3.  Konstantinos Kouskoukis, Doctor - Dermatologist
  4.  Antonis Polydorou, Doctor - Interventional Cardiologist
  5.  Fotios Patsourakos, Doctor - Cardiologist
  6.  Ioannis Datseris, Doctor - Ophthalmologist
  7.  George Zoumis, Doctor - Cardiologist
  8.  George Kassaras, Doctor - General Surgeon
  9.  Konstantinos Koumakis, Doctor - Neurologist - Psychiatrist
  10.  George Marinos, Doctor - General Practitioner
  11.  Efstathios Tsoukalos, Doctor - Obstetrician - Gynecologist Surgeon
  12.  Ioannis Vassiliadis, Doctor - Cardiologist
  13.  Vassilios Dimopoulos, Doctor - Cardiologist
  14.  Emmanouil Kanavakis, Pediatrician, Clinical Geneticist
  15.  George Koroniotis, Doctor - Cardiologist
  16.  Bettina Krumbholtz, Doctor - Pathologist
  17.  Evangelia Markaki, Doctor-Psychiatrist
  18.  Athanasios Badekas, Doctor - Orthopedist
  19.  Demosthenes Bouros, Doctor - Pulmonologist
  20.  Dimitrios Nikas, Doctor - Cardiac Surgeon
  21.  Anargyros Plakiotis, Doctor - Biopathologist
  22.  Achilleas Rentis, Doctor - Surgeon
  23.  Nikolaos Salakos, Gynecologist
  24.  Athanasios Skouras, Doctor - Otolaryngologist
  25.  Konstantinos Sfakianoudis, Doctor-Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  26.  Theodoros Hatzipanagiotou, Doctor - Nuclear
  27.  Anastasios Chronopoulos, Doctor - Vascular Surgeon


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