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We use two types of cookies. Cookies required to enable the basic functionality of the website and are automatically activated, when you use this website and secondly, optional cookies that allow additional features such as analytics for the use of website optimization. We will allow Google Analytics to use cookies to collect anonymous, aggregate statistics that help us analyze how users use our site only after obtaining your consent. In addition, to enhance privacy, we have enabled the anonymization of IP addresses.

Some sites use third-party advertising services to provide targeted ads. We do not use such services and our website does not allow advertising cookies.

The optional cookies used on our website can generally be categorized as follows:

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Nocookie στο Youtube

We use embedded code (iframe) provided by Youtube by selecting the privacy enhancement function. This means that the viewing activity is not collected to personalize the viewing experience. Instead, the video suggestions are contextual and related to the video currently being played. Videos played in a built-in player enhanced privacy feature do not affect the viewer's browsing experience on YouTube. You can find out more about this here: Improved Youtube privacy feature.

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