In Greece, the country of Hippocrates, who established the Hippocratic Medical School and was the father of the modern Western Medicine, we have created an International Institution aiming at promoting the universal character of the Greek Hippocratic Medical Science as well as bringing together the international scientific medical personnel to the Hippocratic philosophy. Here, the harmonious matching of the humanistic with the medical science was not only connected but and at the same time, there was a matching of the professional exercise of medicine with the ethical conduct and humanistic values. The deep roots of the Hippocratic healing plane tree of Medicine lie here, in this country.

The Global Doctors' Hippocratic Institute is a tribute to the Greek Doctor of the Pericles golden era with the white cloak and the endless love to the human beings. Each one of us, who is a doctor, receives the Hippocratic oath and that gives him the highest of rights that to intervene in the human body.

Hippocrates lives in the scalpel, stethoscope and the research eye of all the doctors in any part of the world and in exercising our profession. He was plain in words but grand in his work. And us, all his genuine descendants, have one duty: To maintain and promote his legacy. To enlighten like a healing flame to the whole medical world and to the world itself the medical spirit and the Hippocratic perception of medicine. And to spread this knowledge as a feature of the Greek culture and spirit in every place in the world. This is our duty to the medical community. This is our duty to humanity.

George Patoulis – Doctor

Regional Governor of Attica

President of the Global Doctors' Hippocratic Institute - GDHI

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