Bust placement of Hippocrates and planting of Plane tree of Hippocrates, at the University of Medical School of Belgrade, at the initiative of Mr G. Patoulis

G. Patoulis : " Greece and Serbia are allied to promote Health Tourism, having as compass and guide the Hippocratic thought".

During his speech at the Hellenic-Serbian Medical Conference, which took place at Medical school of the University of Belgrade, entitle "Hippocratic values and medicine", the Governor of Attica, President of Medical Association of Athens and President of Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute Mr. G. Patoulis, identified, the dynamic prospects for health tourism development in Greece, on the base and the great heritage that left in our country, by the Hippocratic thought.

The conference was organized by the Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute, the Region of Attica, the Medical School of the University of Belgrade, the medical department of the University of Thessaly and the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos. The conference took place under the auspices of TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia.

In the context of the Conference, the bust of Hippocrates donated by the Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute, was placed at the University of Belgrade, on the initiative of Mr G. Patoulis.

During this event a plane tree of Hippocrates planted in the yard of the Medical School of the University, a donation of the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos, in a symbolic act because according to legend, Hippocrates taught his students in the island of Kos, under a plane tree.

This is an initiative of Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute and its President Mr. G. Patoulis, which started with the first placement of the bust of Hippocrates, at Larissa's Medical School, the place where Hippocrates taught and died. The placement of the Bust sculpture of Hippocrates will take place in 35 medical schools all over the world.

The Conference was attended by a representative of the Greek embassy in Belgrade Mrs Rapti and a number of students of the Medical School of the University of Belgrade. The conference was greeted by the rector of the Medical School of the University of Belgrade professor Mr Lazar Davidovic, the member of the Medical Council of the Palace Dr. Aleksandar Ljubic, the Vice-Presidents of Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute Dr K. Kouskoukis and Dr K. Pantos, the Vice-President of the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos and representative of the medical shcool of University of Athens Mr. N. Papantoniou, the Professor of Μedical School of the University of Thessaly Mr. Ath. Giannoukas, the Deputy Chairperson of the Medical School Department of the University of Thessaly Mr. I. Tsougos, the General Secretary of the Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute Dr. A. Polydorou Ambassador of Hellenic Tourism, the Professor of the University of Geneva Dr. A.Kalangkos and a lot of other professors of the Medical School of the University of Belgrade.

G.Patoulis : Hippocrates gives the " weapon of knowledge" for saving our lifes.

In his greeting, Mr G.Patoulis, welcomed the participants of the Conference and thank warmly THR Crown Prince Alexander and the Princess Ekaterina of Serbia for their honour to Patronage the Greek-Serbian Cooperation for the enhancement of the values of the Medical Science, and the Rector of the medical faculty of the University of Belgrade as well as all the organizers.

"We feel happy and excitement to be in your country, carrying the great heritage of the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates, the father of western medicine" he mentioned Dr. George Patoulis. By the way, he invited all members of Belgrade's medical community, to visit Attica and Island of Kos the place where medicine was born, where it was first practiced and taught. With the ancient knowledge and wisdom, medicine is today, the "decisive weapon" of all sciences, for the humanity's survival.

In the context of his greeting Mr. Patoulis, conveyed the pain and sorrow of the Greek Doctors because of the war in Ukraine and the loss of lives.

"The current situations bring us today in hospitable Serbia, to transmit to the distinguished Serbian colleagues, our faith in the value of comparative medical Knowledge, of antiquity and modern science. In this way, we will be able to strengthen our joint efforts, to promote health, wellness and conference tourism in our countries, Serbia and Greece", he also noted.

 "We invite the citizens of the world, to visit our country, in order to live the experience of Health and Wellness".

In his keynote address, Mr. Patoulis, focusing on the importance of strengthening Health Tourism in Greece as well as the comparative advantages of our country, spoke about a rising sector of the economy.

 "Greece has always been a Place of Health, after all, and so it gave birth to the Science of Medicine as well as the oldest form of Health Tourism in the world. "Here, our countries share something in common, and Serbia has a long tradition of welcoming healthcare tourists, dating back to Roman times," he said.

"So today, in Greece, the framework that we are shaping through the Hellenic Health Tourism Council, of which I have the honor to chair, and our initiatives for the development of the Sector are precisely aimed at: Providing the opportunity to Health Travelers - who crave as much as never the moments of well-being, tired after 2.5 years of pandemic - to experience in our place, the health experience but also:

  • the experience of conceiving a child
  • the experience of rejuvenation
  • The experience of highly advanced dental medicine
  • and many other medical services
  • in combination with the healthy Greek Mediterranean diet
  • the green and blue environment of Greece, and the authentic Greek hospitality ".

Afterwards, Mr. Patoulis underlined that through the International Health Tourism Center, a series of synergies and exchange of know-how, and scientific potential, has started with Balkan countries, such as Romania, but also Albania, but also with countries such as China and identified the comparative advantages of our country in this field focusing on the following:

  • level of nature, culture and climate - with the latter being particularly conducive to rehabilitation and recovery,
  • staffed by a well-trained scientific staff
  • and is equippe

d with high quality health care units. The health units of the country already have several international certifications

  • specialized medical and nursing staff, quality in the services provided
  • and competitive prices in medical operations.

Referring to the father of Medicine Hippocrates, he pointed out that "with the emblem of Hippocratic Medicine we have important steps towards the Hippocratic dimension that we give to the promising Greek Health Tourism" and added that the goal is to spread the Knowledge of Ancient Greek Medicine, and the transmission of the values of Hippocratic Medicine, for:

  • the doctors of today and tomorrow of the international community
  • current students of international universities
  • for medical associations around the world
  • but even for Health Travelers.

Concluding his speech, he commented that the goals of the World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians are:

  • the creation of Educational Programs of Hippocratic Medical Philosophy
  • The connection of medical schools around the world with Hippocrates medical philosophy and ethics.
  • Like the creation of Educational programs of Hippocratic Medical Philosophy,
  • and the development and implementation of activities related to education and training in Hippocratic Medicine.
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